Denise Boomkens (1975) international photographer based in Amsterdam.

Denise, photographing since 2005, gets her inspiration from art, books, documentaries, movies, magazines, music, exhibits and her own life. Strong independent and artistic women with characteristic qualities form a source of inspiration for her.

Currently working most of her time in the fashion- and beauty industry, her travel, portraits and still life photography are an important part of her passion. Her work characterizes emotion, elegance and sophistication. By experimenting with light, media and art her pictures come across as sharp, disarming, and with visual professionalism.

Represented in Amsterdam by StickyStuff.


Stickystuff is an energetic agency based in Amsterdam representing several talented photographers and illustrators. We do national and international productions, such as arranging models, locations, permits, hair&make up artists, stylists etc.

Although we have a global approach, we work like a small boutique with personal care, dedication and a no nonsense approach.

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